What is Talkin’ It Up with S?

Welcome lovelies! The wonderful name’s Shanen. 。◕ ‿    ◕。

Thank you so much for visiting around my blog site. I don’t know where you’ve came from, who you are and why you were interested (or accidentally) to visit this site. I welcome you with a warm hug! Here’s a brief information about this site:


The following contents of my blog are the following:

✔  R E A L   L I F E S T Y L E :  Thoughts, Inspirations, Life lessons

Like any typical bloggers, I also wanted to simply share my thoughts, inspirations and life lessons throughout my journey. I’d like to keep this as my virtual diary as well. I’m going to tell you in advance that some posts may be sensitive in a way that it might hurt your feelings or you might get offended.. I’m so sorry in advance but remember that I’m not pointing it out to any of you. I wanted you to learn and gather all the life lessons behind it and apply it thoroughly in life because we know that the world is crazy out there! You’re here to be inspired and be motivated. I’m also here to empower youth and women to pursue themselves beyond borders and widen their knowledge about so many undiscovered things! 💖 Let’s learn everything together with L O V E and E N J O Y M E N T.

✔  A D V E N T U R E S :  Travels, Events, Wonders

I SUPER LOVE TRAVELING! I never experienced to travel alone but I do travel a lot with my fam squad. A travel wouldn’t be complete without a partner, friend, family or loved one right? Of course, if God will let me travel alone then I’ll frankly grab that chance without any hesitations! Here, I also share my Travel stories by giving reviews about the place, recommendation about what’s the best, famous, hidden, exceptional not just tourist spots but places that are worth to go for. Soon I’ll also share my Travel Essentials, Tips and Hacks. 😍

✔  R E V I E W S :  Beauty, Food, Shops and more!

I’m this classic person already that ever since I was in 5th grade I already find myself giving reviews in certain places and foods! Since I’m already a teenager, let’s upgrade it into Beauty and Fashion reviews. This is going to be the first time for me to seriously tackle up my blog enthusiastically. For now, every item were bought either from my personal money or treat for my parents. I always do indicate them anyways. Feel free to also give your thoughts whenever I posted a Review blog! 🙂 Stay tuned! 😁

✔  S P E C I A L S :  Bloggers Interview, Get to know blogs, Fun!

There will be a lot of interesting posts soon! Especially my Get to know some B! (Bloggers). Everything fun and unique 💕

FOR MORE RECOMMENDATIONS/IDEAS/ENCOURAGEMENTS/CRITIQUES : I’m open so feel free to comment below! Let’s support each other fam 😘



Enjoy reading my posts! :* Stay kawaii and fabulous


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