What is my strength?

Isn’t that amazing, seeing people rather being exhausted after the things they’ve done for that day.. they still keep on hustling by SERVING OTHER PEOPLE? Disclaimer: This is an opinionated article. This is from my experience to yours and my advocacy is for you to learn and apply everything you’ve learned from me at your … More What is my strength?

• 2017 Thanksgiving & New Years Resolution for 2018 •

Follow my blog with Bloglovin 2017 was a roller coaster ride. Basically, every year was lol. Yo-hallo, to my fellow savvy readers. Thank you for lending me your time for reading my blogs. For those who are new to my site, I am Shanen by the way. Not that mainstream shenanigan… I mean blogger. Before … More • 2017 Thanksgiving & New Years Resolution for 2018 •

• Alpha Session: T.G.I.F Retreat 2017 •

Yohallo adorable Savvies! I wanted to give you a warm hug before I share the recent fantastic and enjoyable event in our church called “Alpha Retreat 2017” Disclaimer: But before that, I wanted to tell you that some phrases, sentences, or words are in different language which is Filipino ( language from the great archipelago, … More • Alpha Session: T.G.I.F Retreat 2017 •


” I can’t accept the things, the people, the places, the activities that are happening around me.. I can’t let go because something is still holding back on my neck, bounding me into happiness and satisfaction..”  I don’t want to get pinned in my cave..  sobbing because of the memories that are still haunting me … More • CONTENTMENT •

• Depression •

It’s been a while since i’ve blogged about something. Many days, weeks, and months have passed huge things happened and i’ve encountered a lot of stuff lately..  Is there a memory of yours became one of your saddest NIGHTMARE ? this memory that you couldn’t let go, this memory that is stuck in your heart … More • Depression •