About Me

Welcome lovelies! The wonderful name’s Shanen. 。◕ ‿    ◕。

Thank you so much for visiting around my blog site. I don’t know where you’ve came from, who you are and why you were interested (or accidentally) to visit this site. I welcome you with a warm hug! Here’s a brief information about the blogger:


|| B A S I C  I N F O R M A T I O N ||

Name: Shanen Mae

Age: 16 years of age

Country: Philippines

Grade: 11th Grade Senior HS student

Talents: Singing, Editing videos and photos, Blogging, Writing, Vlogging, playing piano and violin

Facts: I don’t play sports at school but I do have a fascination in Volleyball and Table Tennis. I also have an operation on my left arm because of my clumsiness when I was 4 years old.

|| W H Y   I   M A D E   T H I S   S I T E ||

My goal is to empower the youth and women by sharing my stories, worth-treasure lessons and experiences in life! At a young age I do experienced a lot of struggles already. That’s why I wanted to share you my thoughts and it would be great if you do contact me by just simply commenting down below, private message me in any of my social media accounts, or email me so that we can have a chit-chat and exchange of stories for life! I would REALLY LOVE to listen to your stories and encourage you girl! You’re not alone, I can be your virtual guidance counselor (lol) I mean, I’m here also to give you support and encouragement because I do love helping out deserving people who are worth to stand out and shine Everyone do stand out actually that’s why you should never waste time in little things. I believe that everyone is unique and sharing your stories to me will be awesome! I’ll be waiting for you 😊

Moreover, I’m also here to share my Travel Adventures, Reviews and more Fun posts! (SOON!) so everyone please do stay tune!

|| L E T ‘ S   G O   D E E P E R ||

Well, I would say that my life right now is pretty productive. (n˘v˘•)¬ “such a productive, out-going gal you got there hun!”  I admit that I’m also a lazy bum and yes I do experience procrastination, who wouldn’t? I started this blog last 2014 but I already had one last 2010 (my content is too childish back then and just all about anime reviews and I don’t even want to show it to you guys, it’s pretty ancient and confidential hehe). Mainly, this is just all about events and life lessons but then I wanted to go beyond my limits and share what I have and what I can give to you guys. It’s so nice to see everything here, reading all the events that happened in my life, where and how I started and everything that are nostalgic! I do treasure them all as well. It’s a two birds in one stone actually. I’m sharing my stories and I can also inspire you (well, hopefully).

Furthermore, I’m like any of you. I experience ups and downs just like a roller coaster. Growing up, I always wanted to learn whether from my mistakes, from new people, from events, from real life stories or any opportunities and ways that I can encounter just for me to L E A R N with L O V E. I value learning and enjoying or loving what I do at the same time.

Second, I’m a Bornagain, Christian. Yes, I believe in Jesus Christ and the Lord our savior. You can frequently notice that some of my blogs are all related to God because this inspires me and this what really keeps me motivated and consistent on the things that I’ve been doing. Nothing is impossible in Him and I can do even YOU can do great things with Him who gives you and I the strength that we need.

Lastly, I’m a stellar student. President and part of the school newspaper. Yes, it’s a challenge for me to manage my Youtube Channel and Blog site but again, nothing is impossible when you do love and enjoy what you’re doing. Of course, I give time for myself as well especially for my family, friends and love ones!

So that’s it! R E M E M B E R:


💕 Stay humble. faithful. smart. confident. and fab 💕


Enjoy reading my posts! :* Stay kawaii and fabulous