• 2017 Thanksgiving & New Years Resolution for 2018 •

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2017 was a roller coaster ride.

Basically, every year was lol.

Yo-hallo, to my fellow savvy readers. Thank you for lending me your time for reading my blogs. For those who are new to my site, I am Shanen by the way. Not that mainstream shenanigan… I mean blogger.

Before this year ends I wanted to share you all my experiences and stories as well as to acknowledge the people that I also appreciated for this year.

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(a very long one)

Shanen’s 2017 was full of delightful and sorrowful memories. It was a total equilibrium of daily experiences of a 16 year old teenager would probably have. She’s been through ups and downs, she’s been through times of struggle, loneliness and difficult circumstances. But still, she treasured every single one of each bad memories and turned them over as a lesson for life. She still wanted to acknowledge it because she wouldn’t be a better and strong Shanen for 2018.

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January 2017 was full of working under pressure and getting busy. Due to some thesis works her priorities got piled up and a lot of time were scheduled for some important events. Not too long after that she did ask a permission to their church team’s P&W leader to have 3 months vacation to give time for her 1st ever individual thesis work to be able to complete 10th Grade. When she was about to go back to the church she encountered problems that she doesn’t even have to get affected. But due to that, she left the team and started to attending Sunday services instead.

Moreover, Summer came this is where she fully introduce her YouTube Channel and was firstly entitled as “Talkin’ It up with S” but later changed to JustShanen to be given a more credible channel name. She posted travel vlogs, lifestyle experiences and covers which are the things she’s enjoying the most. It was fun for her, editing and working hard of creating a nice content starting from scratch.

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Next is becoming a Grade 11 student. It was really full of obstacles! Much more unexpected scenarios and problems. The great thing about it: The experiences, lessons and valuable self-reflections that she earned for herself. It was a great opportunity to encounter sorts of problems that I never did encountered from before. She earned awards, friends and stories. She’s more on the positive side for now, even though she lost some friends still the Lord is good to provide great ones. She learned that not all people will stay in your life. There, she was tested to see the real and legit people who’ll stay on her side no matter what circumstances happen. Plus another lesson that she learned: You are not getting matured if you do not learn how to let go. So she fight for it and stand out.

Moreover, success came to her after the drought she’s been through. At least, she can say that “Everything she sacrificed were all worth it!” because little did she now, she slowly realized and noticed these little blessings from God that He provided for her alone. Her dreams came true and prayers were answered so those were enough to appreciate how great year 2017 was!

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Of course, she wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of those people who believe in her. From her love ones especially her parents and sisters, her partner, her best of friends, her supportive viewers and readers and newly-founded co-workers, and her church mates. No words can describe how much thankful she is to the people she appreciates. All of them were so nice and thoughtful and she wouldn’t be able to stand out as she is now.

— end of sypnosis

My New Years Resolution for 2018 will probably be divided into 4 parts: Self-Discipline or Character, Goals or Ambitions, Wants and Visions.

Self-Discipline or Character

  1. Gain spiritual maturity and be more spiritually guarded.
  2. Be more punctual and have a great time management ahead
  3. Be more self-appreciative and do not downgrade myself.
  4. Be more aware and sensitive.
  5. Be happy and positive!
  6. Gain more wisdom rather than having the full knowledge
  7. Be more persevering and diligent especially when it comes to working for money and studying in school.
  8. Be more polite and sincere.
  9. Be more direct to the point (when needed)
  10. Act as a responsible and independent lady.

Goals or Ambitions (I’d probably take 25 bucket list!)

  1. Finish my thesis works and become a successful graduated Senior High School student!
  2. Have only 1-8 absences in school not more than that! (Use it for some important matters but excluding my unexpected sickness)
  3. Do not be late and gain CS certificate again! (But taking up CS is fun)
  4. Have a good relationship with my 5 factors in life.
  5. Be physically healthy! (Not physically fat) Lose some weights maybe (but I’m not body shaming myself)
  6. Study smart and do not be pressured! Strategize my life more!
  7. Gain 2,000 subscribers in YouTube this year and probably gain income next year
  8. Gain active readers on my blog and most especially for me to become more active in blog posting.
  9. Inspire and motivate women or young teenagers to feel beautiful and be smart!
  10.  To travel more with the family! Next stop is other magical places in Luzon.
  11. Build the online travel agency and create a travel agency page with a collaboration with my mom.
  12. Build a new band with my two sisters! Called tres-marias. (Of course, I’m the lead singer lol)
  13.  Train myself especially in singing and improve my singing skills.
  14. Earn money by small ways.
  15. Treat some family and friends in small ways.
  16. Try to take an OJT job or something to work for.
  17. – 25. (saving it for later)

Wants and Visions

  1. To travel and vlog more often around places which I haven’t been through especially in my motherland, Philippines!
  2. To inspire other people by my words and thoughts and meet new people to collab with.
  3. I want to have my own pc comes with a nice sounding  speaker maybe? Because music is heart!
  4. I probably want to be a successful YouTuber and Blogger by just working hard a lot more.
  5. I want to earn money by starting in basics and in small ways.
  6. I want to treat my family once I gain enough earnings, instead of satisfying myself. I’d like to give it first to my family.
  7. I want to have my own room! Like my own space to decorate from
  8. I want to make more music covers to express my artistry in music
  9. I want to learn more whether it is from people or experience! Work more and talk less.
  10.  I still want to discover so many things in life. Life isn’t just a small dot, let’s make it bigger and explore!

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Possible or not, I believe that dreams DO COME TRUE once you work hard on them. I learned that I should not overlook these small precious things because when they get combined together it creates a huge outstanding outcome. I wanted to prove myself that I can also do it by creating my most wonderful ambitions. Of course, I wanted to share them around my circles or even to people who really deserves it. I wanted them to get inspired from it because I also started from that simple way — I was also inspired by other gals or men out there who work diligently to attain their dreams. As a daughter of the Lord, I would like to be a messenger of Him to motivate you as well just by my words guided by His words of wisdom. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE it may sound cliche but it’s true until in this generation.


Let’s be real, we know it’s hard. But in the end, everything is going to be worth it. A lot of obstacles may came to bounder us from our dreams. Yes, that’s the most challenging part for me but hopefully I could manage it until the end. I always had this thought of “I wouldn’t want to make myself down. I know someone out there supports me. The one from above and my family and friends.” Sometimes we may have this gut negative feeling which makes us want to stop creating our dreams. But are you also willing TO STOP everything? What if you’re already one inch away from your dreams? I experienced them a couple of times and I regret some of them… why? Because I wasn’t able to continue it.

Furthermore, I wanted to commit more this year. To believe in myself more just like how everyone believes in me. I may have my downfalls but I’ll remain faithful to God. Nothing will go to waste especially if I do believe that I really DID my best to achieve them. I won’t like any more regrets AT ALL. This may be a limit for me but at least I can say that I did something to get away from my regrets right? Rather not trying and not continuing on facing those obstacles.


I’m so glad that I was able to come up my bucket list! There’s more to explore and discover around and maybe I’ll update this next time. I wanted to give my sincerest appreciation to God, my family, my friends, my partner and myself of course. I wouldn’t be the SHANEN I am right now. I wanted to learn more and  gain more character for myself and to take care of my dignity as a strong independent woman. I am only living for 16 years and I have so much to encounter and experience.

Again, to you my reader. Thank you so much for spending your most valuable time in visiting my site. I appreciate you so much. Feel free to comment down below and let’s exchange some thoughts and opinions onward. I love you so much! See you again next time~

Always remember, Let all that you do be done with L O V E




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