• Alpha Session: T.G.I.F Retreat 2017 •

Yohallo adorable Savvies! I wanted to give you a warm hug before I share the recent fantastic and enjoyable event in our church called “Alpha Retreat 2017”


Disclaimer: But before that, I wanted to tell you that some phrases, sentences, or words are in different language which is Filipino ( language from the great archipelago, Philippines) I’ll do my best to translate them but if it doesn’t… it means I don’t have the time yet to translate. Hope you do understand! Thank you so much. Some photo credits are credited to this website: http://familyretreathouse.com which is the retreat house that we all went to! Second, some photo credits are from my beloved churchmates: Jem Hernandez, Seph Merano, Christopher Merano. Last but not the least, some are from GOOGLE for the aesthetics! 😊

Last November 10-11, an event occurred in our church which is called the Alpha Retreat 2017. It was a Youth activity wherein we had sorts of activities, group discussions, Bible studies, Praise and Worship which are everything Christian-related. It started last August 2017 and I was only able to attend the 5th Session of the event which held at the Retreat house in Trece, Philippines.. particularly in Luzon.

Front Gate

If you do remember in my last blog about Real Love, I shared a tragic story from our church. If you don’t mind you can check it out if you don’t have any ideas about it. November 10 at exactly 9 AM in the morning, two of my closest church mates visited me and that time I was still asleep. Of course, my mom woke me up. Since one of them got landed from the Philippines last week, he invited me to go with them and he’s treating us of course. At first, I had second thoughts whether to come or not but it’s been years since we had our last bond.. so I don’t have any excuses but to join with them. So we went to their house then he called out his sister and supposedly he is also inviting this person but she declined for some matters. Our first agenda is to take his car to the car supply shop for some equipment to be upgraded. Next is we went to the mall to have some breakfast.. there I opened my problems to them.. actually the day before that (Nov.9) I was crying at school because of these reasons which are going back and fort in my mind.. all about insecurities, anxieties and depressions. I really opened everything to them, they are the third group of people to know. Of course, first was my adviser and second was my family. Of course, they were all considerate of me that time, trying to understand and internalize my problems, giving me advice and encouragements to just move and strive forward.

From Right to Left: Jem Hernandez, Dorothy Canada, James Hernandez, and (me) 




Honestly, I actually miss these moments wherein someone will really motivate me to come back to life, to stand up and to face my struggles.. I was really thankful to them and I really do appreciate their efforts for me. To speak frankly, I don’t want people to prioritize me or taking risks for me on something… but I was late. They had the initiative and willingness to visit me without any hesitations… and I’m really so thankful for that. God gave me them as blessings in disguise. Without me realizing it, there are people out there that still cares for me.. I was just so blind from all these nonsensical events that recently happened. I abandoned and desocialized myself from the reality that I have to supposedly fight and face.


Next thing happen was they invited me to come in this so-called event in our church. I had this thought that maybe this is already God’s calling.. from all of my problems and disappointments maybe this route will change my life even just for an inch. So then, I accepted the offer and went to the event.

When I got home, I immediately packed my things up. I only have 30 minutes to prepare. I don’t have any decent preparations.. I just stacked everything from my bag and my only priority was the bible, notebook and ball pen. I even forgot my toothbrush! (yikes!) but good thing my mom and sisters went late to the event and they were able to bring one for me! (thank you Lord!) at least I had my extra undies with me! or else I’m in absolute trouble.


The event started at 7:00 PM wherein we had our dinner and first meeting. It was really nerve-cracking at the beginning because it’s been awhile since I got out of my comfort zone. Thank God everything went natural and smoothly. I don’t have any thoughts at the moment and I was just going with the flow. I don’t expect anything but to talk and act and socialize. That’s it! Honestly, I am so thankful for everything even though it is unplanned and unexpected.. it was exciting to know what to happen next.. it was a total ride of craziness and idleness of me that time!

Furthermore, I was able to attend the 5th session of the event which is called

Image result for aesthetic bible
Credits: http://blog.pshares.org/index.php/the-black-aesthetic-god-materialism-and-prosperity-in-meek-mills-wins-losses/

“The Prayer”

Philippians 4:6 
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God 

everything just went excitingly satisfying because I got to talk to new faces of people, I got to share my success and unforgettable stories and I got to internalize so much for myself. What I have to do next? What are the plans that God planned for me? What do I have to expect? Where do I wanted to start off with? Honestly, there’s just a lot of questions. I even thought of my anxiety and depression at that time. I cried when our Pastor prayed for us and she said that we just open our mouths and pray. I wasn’t able to open my mouth because of these thoughts.. I just cried and cried and listened to her powerful and inspiring prayer. I wish I can also pray like her. She can ask to the Lord, she can beg for a pardon, she can wish, she’s genuine. I hope everyone including me will also have the same natural prayer as hers. But as I said, everyone of us is unique. There’s no technique in communicating with God. The great thing about it, is that it is FREE. So let us not waste this opportunity to open and talk to Him peacefully and naturally.

The night ended 1:30 AM in the morning and we have 5 hours left to prepare and go to bed. 🙂


Our last day was all about exciting and fun activities to participate with! I’m a grouchy person but I put in my mind that these certain activities can only happen to me too often. So I have to enjoy it while it lasts. I woke up (like I’ve never used before) by our big sister and thanks to her if she didn’t force us to wake up, I’d probably got to conduct the Zumba activity and become the dance coordinator for the day! (that would be pretty embarrassing) because whoever who gets late in the meeting place then he or she will lead the Zumba dance. Luckily, I was also one of the people who got to go there early! I do wish they had the early-bird award tho! 🙂 pats at my back

session hall

So First, we had our Zumba routine and had our first morning prayer.. we also took our breakfast as well. Then we proceed to our teams and we picked a color to represent the group. We had the DLSU GREEN! Which our group’s inspiration from their ANIMO La Salle we turned it into ANIKO GREEN! Next was the creation of our yells/cheers. To value greatly, here’s the lyrics:

Aniko-Animo-Aniko-Anime REPEAT!

It’s pretty long but I got it written on my notebook:

Then we move to the announcement and procedures of our activities. We had 6 stations to finish to and they are the following: Chopsticks & Beans relay, Pattern relay, Nips and Straw relay, Flour & 25 cents Relay, Find the partner of apostles relay and last but not the least, Human Bridge relay. Next is we have to take care of this raw egg and we decided to put it on a local handkerchief (which is pretty long) that can be useful to protect out lil’ eggy. After you finish the stations you have to cheer out your team’s yell chant and how to make a rectangle (perfect rectangle!) from all the triangular flags that we had! The other team solved it and when he came to help us out we just realized that this relay really did tricked our minds! We all know that folding the paper was prohibited but anyways it was a total enjoyment for all of us!

Image result for tumblr aesthetic childhood

I really missed playing and how I suppose to be so bubbly and fun when I was a kid. It was a great experience! I was so competitive throughout the activity. Cheering and yelling for the team was absolutely worthy! Even though we only got the 2nd place the lesson and experience that I gained with the team of course, are all worth treasuring for!

After the long run, we had our last activity with Big Sister Coleen wherein we’re about to share our 2018 Visions and Ambitions in life. I wasn’t expecting that I’ll be called out by Big Sister, Coleen. I never thought that she’s interested to know my visions. When I was actually deciding and imagining my goals, visualizing what I want for my year 2018 I forgot to write everything down on my notebook (because I got way too fascinated) . My handwriting was a total disaster but it’s those goals that count! 😀

Image result for tumblr aesthetic dream
Of course, I didn’t waste the opportunity to be called it’s my passion to share my words and thoughts to everyone. It’s a give and take process.. I learned from them and they can from me. I just love learning and knowing everyone else’s opinions. Thank God for allowing me to spread my thoughts to the young people in front of me. May Your words be delivered through them and may You touch their hearts to feel the motivation and inspiration from Your message and of course, thank you so much Big Sister, Coleen. You’re also someone to be admired off! Thank you for sharing us your visions.

Image result for tumblr aesthetic dreams

In a nutshell, this experience was really life changing. Even so, in a short span of time I got to realize that I should always be getting out of my comfort zone. Being depressed for a long time was only a waste of time. Getting anxiety attacks from people you used to care before, from all the negativities clutching your mind, from all these sorts of issues that you wish to stop… I realized that I have to definitely fight for it!

Dr. Cat Begovic (@Beautybydrcat) , once said from her Instagram post..

“Things can look like a dark tunnel without any light at the end. This is the time that you have to believe in yourself the most and this is the time when you are creating your success and your dreams are in making.”

Image result for tumblr aesthetic life

On my own perspective, life wouldn’t be called life without dark tunnel-ages. Just like how antagonists play a huge role in TV dramas by spicing up things a bit. These things also make our life worth fighting for and worth pursuing for. Without them: our life’s equilibrium isn’t going to be stable, our life wouldn’t be colorful, our life wouldn’t be entertaining and thrilling and definitely our life wouldn’t be worth telling! My experiences including my past and present are my cornerstones in life. They’re also served as my reminder so that I could always-always be reminded where I started and how I started this journey. So let us embrace everything including your weaknesses, your problems that you’re encountering for now for they will not last long in our hearts,

there’s no forever in these sorts of things

and let me conclude that we should not let these things terminate from what we want, we should not just stick to a temporary depression but let us push them away, shrug everything off your chest! When the fight calls, then you’re not alone to face it. You always have your back-up! Just believe in Him, our one a almighty Jesus Christ! Continue to strengthen your faith to God, so do I 😉


In a nutshell, Alpha Camp 2017 was a total eye-opener! I hope these leaders that God assigned to will be blessed for they’ll be able to continually serve Him and inspire other young people like me 🙂 There’s so much to learn in life. Be a savvy lover!

Always pray for guidance and wisdom, persevere on whatever you have to aim and be generous along the way! Have a good heart!

✨ and always remember! ✨

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💓💯 Let all that you do be done with L O V E 💯 💓



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