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Early Disclaimer: Some words or phrases were seen as Filipino because it is more heartbreaking and you’ll be able to feel your sweat and heartbeat. Google Translator is present so let’s use it’s function. Enjoy reading kawaii fella~ This has always been from my Love to yours 💕💞 All photo credits are from Google. Thanks a lot!


It’s been 4 months since we had our first Philosophy class. I always had this nostalgic feeling on how everything began at the first place and one of them is this subject. Philosophy did touched my heart and always made my mind boggling in different ups and downs moment already. I don’t hope for it to end and it’s absolutely overwhelming when I feel like every day is a new chapter for Philosophy class.

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Recently, we had our very first topic for 1st semester finals which was about “Freedom” and not too long after that we watched a compelling movie about it called “Mr.Nobody”. To speak frankly, the movie itself was perplexing at first but as the movie goes on, the plot gets immense and becomes clearer than a crystal.

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Living would have been convenient for us if everything in life were ready-made just like this film which is essentially an explanation or exploration of scientific theories realized as a character drama which for some makes it a very confusing movie (including me). According to Mr. Nobody’s official page, they used a nonlinear narrative for the character drama to mix and contrast different timelines and realities. With that being said, what is tricky gleaning any point from them? We see all the paths Leto’s Nemo could have chosen but which does he choose? ALL OF THEM?! or NONE OF THEM?! Is it immaterial which he picks? (source:  Google – Mr. Nobody Review)

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Maybe that’s the point, – any number of things can happen to us in our lives, any number of miniscule choices can lead us in fantastically different directions, and ultimately we have no control over any of it. For me this is the purpose of this film. Mr. Nobody examines how the butterfly effect can irrevocably change the course of our lives, but also how some things are just destined to happen. We had this recent discussion about freedom and after tons of debates and exchanging of thoughts about them, we’ve learned from Sir. Job that Freedom is an illusion. Maybe to put it in Disney terms, we just need to let all things go and happen. Or… not?


“Am I free? What does it mean to be free?” says Sir Job. I also asked this to myself a couple of times after hearing out that freedom is only an illusion. I pondered, “Am I totally free?” it’s a work in progress for me to answer this question but I wanted to apply the lesson I’ve learned from Jean Paul Sartre wherein he defines freedom as: “The very being of the Pour-soi which is “condemned to be free” and must forever choose itself or for instance, make itself. ‘To be free’ does not mean ‘to obtain what one has wished’ but rather ‘by oneself to determine oneself to wish’ (in the broad sense of choosing). In other words “success is not important to freedom.”

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An object, being-in-itself in other words En-Soi is determined by its essence, a flower is not free to choose its destiny it must live its life according to its nature. You could say a flower is “condemned not to be free”. Because we humans have no intrinsic nature or essence (according to Sartre), because we have the unique ability for conscious self-reflection we are free to determine ourselves. According to Kaufmann 1975, “Man is not only free – man is freedom”, “We are left alone, without excuse.”

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Furthermore, I do stand with Jean Paul Sartre with man being condemn to be free. Condemned, because he did not create himself, yet is nevertheless at liberty. He then points out whereas unlike things born with essence in this world man has this freedom of power to create, decide, and make essence for himself or herself in this world and he or she is responsible for everything that he or she does.

I personally wanted to share a recent experience not too long ago which was considered to determine my responsibilities and what consequences might came along. I belong to this English Radio Broadcasting group in school and we had this sort of upcoming 2 day Division Schools Press Conference competition. Since our fieldtrip’s schedule was dated on Friday which was also the last day of the said contest, we only hope for one thing and that is to pass the first round on the first day so that we will not go back on Friday and we’ll be able to attend the fieldtrip. As the story goes on, we failed on the first round. No one is to blame among us. There was an announcement that there will be top ten schools wherein they will be given a second chance for Regionals and unexpectedly, we belong in it. It was an instant surprise for us!

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Now, the scariest part is for us to decide. If only I could chop my body off to half so that I could possibly attend both events but sadly I CANT. It was a total disturbance for me, I could not plan and choose at first. Our team was so quiet and calm that we only looked at each other’s watery eyes. “This would be a huge sacrifice team! What are we going to choose?” said Kuya Rhombus. “God gave us this kind of opportunity and he blessed us for a second chance. It would be a huge milestone for us and for the school if we’ll make it to Regionals. But to be honest, memory is knocking at my door guys I also wanted to spend some memories with our class in our fieldtrip. This is going to be a battle between memories and opportunities I said. But, it will only reflect on our self-pleasure. If we will join the contest then we will not only make ourselves happy but also this will take the school’s pride as well said Ate Des.

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Not anticipated, another nostalgia scene projected through my mind. The freedom of decision between needs and wants. I’ve realized that I was being controlled at that time by internal and external factors. Yes, I wanted to join the fieldtrip but do I really need to? Yes, I need to join the competition but do I really want to? If I decide not to choose then it is still a decision but I think it’s impossible for me at the moment. It’s like it steals my soul little by little if I don’t decide soon. It’s like I was thrown by a last lifeline in a middle of thug of war. I suddenly thought of my freedom. We are indeed controlled by our desires, needs and wants. There are factors present that restricts us for being free. I am living of freedom in despair.

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On the other hand, I am reminded of a quote in Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility” with freedom comes great responsibility. I wanted to enjoy my personal freedom why? It allows me to make choices about the directions of my life, there are any number of freedoms that we use each day without even realizing it most times. As what Mr. Nobody’s Nemo said, “as long as you don’t choose, everything remains possible”. In RPG games, there are prepared choices for you and the only thing you need to do is to decide and the next thing you’ll discover are the consequences of your actions. Similarly in reality, you have to think about your decisions wisely because waiting behind it are consequences that will determine your actions. “Take actions in your responsibilities!” they say just like what I did. Choices to be made to fulfill these plans arise, even choices we don’t want to make. These choices bring us closer, yet farther from our future, but always leaving us questioning whether it was the right one to begin with. Resulting in the never ending desire to know if what we chose was what would make those dreams reality.

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At the end, I choose to represent our school by participating in the competition. I am thanking God because our team is complete on that moment. Even though we did not made it to the Regionals then it is still a great experience! It was not a wrong decision at all because we were able to have this kind of once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of this team. On the spiritual side, I believe that God has a pleasant reason in every aspects and situations that we had faced or maybe He wanted us to realize something. We’re still on the positive side and we are indeed thankful of all these blessings that we encounter, even though we did not also made it on our fieldtrip.

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At the end of the day, knowing that we did not made it on our fieldtrip, we satisfy ourselves by jamming, eating and laughing together. We all formed a group hug after that and internalized ourselves with all of these heart-warming happenings. For all of us, this will serve as an unforgettable experience and amazing story to share and YOU are one of those special people who were able to read this story and I appreciate for your time in reading this.

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On the other side, the advantage of freedom is that you make your own destiny. As long as you don’t interfere with anyone else’s freedom or safety, you can do what you want. The disadvantage is that when you do not use your freedom wisely. We have the freedom to self-destruct, to drink ourselves to death, or to drive recklessly, or commit other crimes with the loose reins that we have.

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Moreover, being a human means being free. There are really no guideposts in life, you have to create them yourself. You may choose to stay where you are or you may continue the journey but it is your actual steps that will bring you where you want, which will make you who you are. Life, according to Sartre is nothing in the beginning, what it becomes depends on how we live in it. We are the creators of our own individual lives. This is because we are free. We are free to create the kind of life we want. We are not just free. We are free to create the kind of life we want.  “You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul” an adage says. The path of life is not ready-made; it is for each of us to create.


💖 Let all that you do be done with L O V E 💖


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