• Greatness Takes Time – a motivational speech •

Hey, it’s Shanen! I’ll be posting a different kind of blog which (hopefully) motivates and inspires you and me. This is from my Love to yours 💜❤️

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Have you experienced riding a roller coaster ride? Being through ups and downs, being through times of struggle, loneliness and difficult circumstances? Because I’ve always been there. I always pursue in achieving my goals, making my dreams happen, doing my responsibilities as an elder sister, a daughter, a citizen, a leader, a servant of God even striving to be a stellar honor student. Thinking of how can I be great on each priorities? How can I possibly comply the standards that I wanted to meet? Most of the people say, it requires eagerness, passion and dedication. But for 16 years of existence, I found out that it also requires patience, trust, perseverance as well as, time.

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It’s a total absurdity for me if everything we try at first is unchallenging. Well, it’s free and easy to dream but making that dream into reality takes a lot of pressure, time and energy. It requires enormous efforts in your dreams especially at the very beginning and that’s when most people give up. You see, to build a rocket is a long process. Long ago people thought it’s impossible to go outer space but a few dedicated scientist turned down their opinions after producing one! Indeed, it’s not easy neither it is to build success but you got to keep on going regardless! Once the rocket takes off then it gets easier. You should keep on pushing, even if your friend says it’s impossible? Well, you are not your friend! Even though if you fail don’t be discourage! Even if hundreds or thousands of mistakes were made soon they will be eliminated.

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You need to understand that you should accept that fail happens, not fail on purpose which you should not give up over something, not to pause on your weaknesses and from what bounds you to move forward. It is the struggle that we transcend from average to greatness! And I’m saying those as today you are coming to join on that journey. Make commitment to greatness! Be bold! Be different! From mediocrity to excellence you can be great! Even if it will take you twenty to thirty years, just like when that rocket launches you know everything’s going to be worth it! It requires diligence and self-empowerment to be successfully great!

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Therefore, you can be like any of those success people, they’ve been great because of all the behind the scenes they did that when their opportunity came, they were prepared and ready to take full advantage to it. You will see a brand new world out there when you’ll be able to resonate yourself with those powers that you already contain in your heart. You have to make it happen! You will feel the greatness! You will be on the path to greatness. Take action in responsibilities! Learn patience. Patience is a virtue that will serve you well regardless of your journey and stage in life. Greatness is not a race, true greatness is in fact rooted in longevity and patience which will lead you to success!

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That’s it guys and gals hope you’ve been inspired until the end, love lots 💙 ❤️


💕 Let all that you do be done with L O V E 💕


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